Articulate the Vision, Grow the Team, Deliver the Product

Vision Formers supports technology-based businesses in turning their ground-breaking technology innovation into commercially successful products and services.

Vision Formers draws on considerable experience in managing the go-to-market of technology-based products and services, coaching leaders and teams to rise to the challenges of growth, change and uncertainty. We help you manage the growth process in order to realise your company’s vision and achieve market breakthrough.

There are many aspects of growing a technology-based business we can help with. Here are some examples.

Articulate the Vision

  • Develop and articulate a clear product vision
  • Research the market, understand pain-points, capture key requirements
  • Identify optimal product-market fit
  • Build the business plan
  • Develop go-to-market strategy
  • Create product marketing and PR collateral
  • Prepare bids for grant-applications
  • Perform due diligence reviews ahead of investment

Grow the Team

  • Recruit and manage the team, everyone from developers, product owners, UX, DevOps, through to business intelligence, in-life support and marketing communications
  • Introduce appropriate processes and tools, including: requirements management, UX, Agile (Lean, Scrum, Kanban), CI/CD, DevOps, in-life support etc
  • Coach teams and individuals through periods of high growth and high uncertainly
  • Establish international / remote development and support capabilities
  • Lead innovation workshops for teams that need to innovate and creatively problem-solve

Deliver the Product

  • Define scope of product and roadmap
  • Create minimum viable product (MVP) and customer demos ‘on a shoestring’
  • Transition from MVP to first commercial product, and then to highly scaled global product
  • Partner with design agencies to achieve a compelling user experience and overall product design
  • Deliver lead customer engagements, including delivery of progressive product capability; transition delivery to scaled model
  • Establish in-life support capability with growing customer traction
  • Capture, file and manage IP (patents, trademarks etc)

Please contact us today, to discuss how we can help you address a real business challenge you face today.



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